Rudolf Araneda

COO Latin America | 30+ Years Experience

Rudolf Araneda is a Partner and serves as the head of the team’s office in Santiago, Chile and is responsible for asset management, origination of off-take contracts, and development of new opportunities with a special focus in Latin America.

During the last 21 years, Mr. Araneda acted as CEO of relevant energy companies in Chile, the shareholders of which included major international companies.

For the prior 16 years through April 2014, Mr. Araneda was the CEO of Gas Atacama, from the planning and construction phases through operations. Gas Atacama is a company that operates a 1,200 KM gas pipeline transporting gas from Argentina to the Northern Grid of Chile and two 370 MW gas-fired combined-cycle facilities located in the bay of Mejillones, in the Northern Grid of Chile. Gas Atacama serves gas customers in both Chile and Argentina as well as electricity consumers (both miners and residential distribution companies) in Chile. Under Mr. Araneda’s control, Gas Atacama also developed the studies and requested the permits for a Floating Regasification vessel and a 1,200 MW gas-fired combined-cycle facility co-located with the existing facility.

For the 5 years prior to his time at Gas Atacama, Mr. Araneda served as CEO of two other energy companies: TransAndino – a pipeline and power project formed by two Italian companies (SNAM and Italgas), two Spanish companies (Enegas and Gas Natural), five Argentine companies and two Chilean companies and Gas de Chile – a power generation and gas transport distribution project, formed by Tenneco, BG, five Argentine gas producers and two Chilean companies.

For 13 years prior to working in the Energy Sector, Mr. Araneda was the CEO of other Chilean companies, including the Chilean National Agriculture Society and Santiago International Trade Fair.

During the last 20 years, Mr. Araneda also served as a board member of ten different companies. During 8 years, Mr. Araneda was a professor of business structure and strategy at the University of Chile’s School of Industrial Engineering (Escuela Ingenieria Industrial Universidad de Chile).

Mr. Araneda graduated from Universidad de Chile with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering. Mr. Araneda has also taken several post-graduate courses on energy, natural gas, liquid natural gas international trade, gas transport and gas-fired power generation from Oxford University, University of Houston and University of Texas.

Mr. Araneda is fluent in English, Spanish, and German.